Monday, September 21, 2015

Training with The Family History Guide

It has only been a few days since the new Training Materials were posted on the website for The Family History Guide, but they are already sparking some serious interest among trainers and Family History Consultants. They are currently in Beta stage, with the first official release scheduled for about Nov. 1, 2015.

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the why's and what's of the Training Materials, as well as what to expect as we go forward.

Free, and Freedom

In developing the Training Materials, the first bridge to cross was deciding how extensive they would be. If they were limited enough in scope, they could be provided for free. But would limited make a real difference? The choice was clear, even if a bit illogical - make them top-quality AND free. That went along perfectly with the illogical - but successful - premise of making The Family History Guide free in the first place. Decision made.

The next bridge was figuring out how much structure to include in the materials. Too much would stifle creative delivery, but too little would lead to confusion. Family history directors and trainers are a pretty independent bunch - they want control over what they teach, but they don't want to re-invent the wheel. So the key was flexibility, over an organized framework. 

The Training Strategies Guide is designed to provide that flexibility. It's a master document that helps you design your training approach with the Family History Guide. It covers Presentations, Consultant Training, Group or Sunday School Training, and Individual / Family Training.

And speaking of freedom, some may trainers may develop their own approaches to The Family History Guide - and that's OK, as long as the terms and conditions in the Training Strategies Guide are met.

Power to the Presenters

Along with freedom comes a certain transfer of control. I wrestled with this one for a while: who would be able to give presentations on The Family History Guide? Giving out the keys to drive our presentations meant that Bob and I would likely have fewer opportunities to present; but more opportunities would be possible for others, around the world. We chose the path of enabling presenters who believe in the possibilities of The Family History Guide.  

With a detailed speaking script now included in the Training Materials, any skilled presenter can now deliver an effective and consistent introduction to The Family History Guide.

Looking Ahead ...

We believe the future is bright for training with The Family History Guide. Since the Training Materials are now in Beta stage, there are a few developments still to come:

  • Speaker notes for the Presentation slides - these should be added soon
  • Course evaluation forms - also coming soon
  • Instructor Tips - these will take a little longer, as there's more information analysis to do; but the results should be exciting!
And one more development - we need your feedback! If you have suggestions or corrections, now's the time, as we prepare for the Nov. 1 launch. Send your ideas to or

Here's to successful family history training, with The Family History Guide.